Pros and Cons of Abortion

pros of abortionAs we all know, abortions are a very sensitive subject to women and many women out there will never agree to have an abortion, even if it means that having a baby will put their life on hold or shattered their future and their dreams completely. Unfortunately most of these women are still teenage girls and have no idea how to raise a baby or to support a family. Here are some of the pros of having an abortion:

broken heartYou can never know if your man will stay with you if you’ll decide to have the baby, especially if you got pregnant by an accident. Even though most men are born responsible, some of them might leave you after they will realize the huge responsibly of having a baby.

moneyHaving an abortion means saving your financial future. I know, many teenage girls think: “I’ll have the baby and I will take care of him”, but who will take care of you? Do you really want to be one of those 18 year old mothers who work in 3 different jobs, having no chance for normal life, having to do everything on your own? I don’t think so.

jobSome people believe that having a baby is something you can consider ONLY after you have at least a stable financial situation. I’m not talking about financial freedom right now, what I’m talking about is at least having some form of job that you can rely on to provide income for the next 20 years.

rejectedWhat about being rejected by your own family? I personally knew many girls, who came from very wealthy families, and they got pregnant at very young age, refused to have an abortion, and their families threw them out! Most of them of course, did an abortion and got back to their families (I guess that when it comes to choosing between having a baby and living a life of luxuries, the luxuries win), but what about those who didn’t? What about those who got rejected by their families and had to adjust to a lifestyle that is hard and filled with sorrow? Do you really want to raise your child in this kind of environment?

And for those of you who think: “Abortions are murder”, some may put it this way: either you sacrifice your fetus to save your life, or you sacrifice your life to save your fetus. Also, people tend to disagree when life starts. Immediately after conception? Or not before birth? Or sometime during pregnancy?

breakupAnd speaking of saving a life, what about the life of your boyfriend or spouse? Do you really believe that he wants to be an 18 year old (or less) father? Think about it. Not all men are willing to take up the responsibility needed to raise a child. If your husband of boyfriend is not willing to support you and your child, you will face several hard years of trying to cope with your life, the life of your kid, and the tremendous pressure of having to earn money and raise a child at the same time.

Those are a few thoughts about the pros of having an abortion. I hope you understand how having an abortion could save your life and allow you to gain control of your situation. Remember: this are only a few thoughts – I don’t claim that the points I put down are correct, I don’t even agree with all of them. I simply tried to be as objective as possible.

cons of abortionAs abortions become more popular all around the world, women don’t always see their negative side. Most women see abortions as a: “Quick fix” to a major problem, and make the decision to abort their fetus from a state of no other choice. While I agree that there could be good reasons for abortion, there are many negative sides to it that you should know about. This way you’ll be able to protect yourself from what might happen if you get an abortion. Here are some of the biggest CONS of getting an abortion:

depressionFirst of all, abortions can have a very negative effect on the woman’s state of mind, resulting in a deep depression and a feeling of guilt. Sometimes it takes years of psychological treatment and medication to treat a depressed woman who feels guilty for aborting her child.

Many times abortions can be the direct cause of infection in the womb, resulting in the woman’s inability to become pregnant in the future. And in some extreme cases around the world, abortion was the direct cause of death. (it’s very rare but some women did die on the abortion table)

Many people see abortion as murder, in their eyes the righteous thing to do would be to have the baby and to give it away for adoption, because he is a human being and deserves the right to live!
In Christian and other religious traditions around the world having an abortion is a taboo, and is perceived as one of the most serious sins a woman can commit. If you’re coming from a Christian family and community and you decide to have an abortion, keep in mind that chances are that you’ll be rejected by your community, family and friends.

Abortions might have terrible side effects such as blocked fallopian tubes, weakened cervix, and uterine scattering. Those side effects can cause serious pain that is almost impossible to cure without an expensive surgery.
Many women who had an abortion, experience premature birth later in their lives. And we all know what that means: babies are born with extreme disabilities, whether in the physical or the psychological realm.

As you can see there are hundreds of reasons for not having an abortion. You can never know what life will bring you, so you might as well give birth to a healthy and strong child, and love her of him with all your heart!